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PAIN (2002)

pain - parametric allegoric information network

Parametric Allegoric Information Network
The visualisation of information, based on a not yet defined record. Master thesis in Product Design (Bauhaus University, Weimar)

It's not about raspberry candies - It's about the principle.
[Lucky Luke - Volume 37]

The principle is perfection.
[Die Krupps - Iron Man]

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Gelber Punkt auf Weißer Fläche (2006)

Salzburg: Mozart Year 2006

Salzburg: Mozart Year 2006
Documentation of a video dance installation.

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DefaultSetup (2005)

burning video environments

Burning Video Environments
Project documentation 1999-2005.

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Continuous integration is continuous celebration (2019)

How Flux discovered that an ongoing commitment to improving what we build and how we work has lead to a culture of continuous celebration.

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