Current German Mobile Number: +49 1578 7158031. Will be leaving for Canada on January 7th 2010.


While being a Lead Houdini TD at CIS, I have helped to develop a Massive/Houdini pipeline and toolset to support VFX production on Clint Eastwood's Invictus external link.


The last project I contributed to while working at Axis Animation, Glasgow: The cinematic for KILLZONE 2 external link [R&D FX TD]


I have the luck to work for CIS Vancouver as a Houdini Technical Director.


Axis Animation published the trailer for Codemaster's FUEL external link on their website. I've been working as a Houdini TD/Consultant for this project.


Returned from Warsaw, where I had the chance to contribute tools and assets for Kamil Polak's Project:
The Lost Town of Switez external link.


Among other projects I contributed to Motorstorm Pacific Rift external link while working this summer at AXIS Animation in Glasgow. I was responsible for custom shaders, crowd laout|randomizing|instancing, scene dressing tools. The cinematic is now online on their site.


Started working as freelance Houdini TD at HA Studios, Warsaw, Poland.
Current contact number: +48 791879341


preview of spherical harmonics atlas

Art Forms of the Procedure: The Harmonic Atlas — a series of 8 prints.


preview of spherical harmonics poster

Paul Bourke added an inverted version external link of one of my spherical harmonics posters to his renowned website external link. Wow.


mathe symposium

A version of "undifferentiated" will be on the cover of Playing by the Rules of the Game external link by Martina Ghosh-Schellhorn, Roland Marti (Eds.). The book is announced for week 46.


spherical harmonics browser

The Harmonic Browser: Reload the page to see 4 different spherical harmonics.


Some unstructured comments external link on how to save data from Houdini into a MySQL database using an custom outputDriverHDA.


spherical harmonics

These spherical harmonics turned out to be quite Haekel-esque. [wip]


deep color OGL2 / Mantra Shader

A Shader a Day: deepcolor.
A OGL2/Mantra implementation of a deep color shader as described by desaxismundi external link. I added an outline feature. The Shader combo allows WYSIWG tweeking of the mantra shader in the viewport. [download]


Like Shader

A Shader a Day: Light/Shadow Shader for strange weapons.The point light behaces like an occluded ambient light within a specified radius. Shadows are only cast outside that radius.
[temp video 1 external link] [temp video 2 external link]


Skype Sprite Shader vs DLA

SkypeSpriteShader vs DLA. (4k version)


"Nothing to say and no way to say it — But you can say it in three languages"
KMFDM, Dogma

Skype Sprite Shader

A Shader a Day: This is an early version of the SSS Skype Sprite Shader. animated emoticons are mapped onto sprites. The main goal was to use VEX arrays.


A selection of my work is showcased at Procedural Design: From Simplicity to Complexity — Natural metaphors and evolutionary strategies in contemporary art practice. A lecture by David Robert external link he held at Stanford University, UC Berkeley and will happen next week at MIT and RISD.


Greeble: Bling Bloom Bang

Bling Bloom Bang: A greeble variation.


This movie shows every 25th frame of another 15000 frame simulation. Particles aggregate around star shaped core.


Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

I spend Sunday playing with Diffusion-Limited Aggregation as described e.g. at the site of Franz-Josef Wirtz external link. I built a Houdini POPnetwork to simmulate the process of particles accumulating around a core. The image shows the state after 15000 steps of simulation.


Clifford Attraktor HDK

A HDK interpretation of the Clifford Attractor as described at Paul Bourke's Site external link
Slightly ineffificient as I actually use geometry instead of writing to an image plane.


Lorenz Attraktor HDK

Lorenz Atractor HDK: I finally made my first canny steps into the HDK external link. This LorenzAttractorSOP generates the geometry on the fly instead of modifying input geometry like the pythonSOP implementation.

Lorenz Attraktor HDK

Lorenz Attraktor HDK

Lorenz Attraktor HDK


another greeble


lorem ipsum was my cradle song

A Strange Form of Poetry - Part II: Lorem Ipsum was my Cradle Song external link
Slowly occluded toNDC() bricks with a hint of rotate().


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'In Polygongewittern' [the storm of polygons].