procedural plagiarism

Some unstructured quotes on the intertwining of technology and aesthetics – an animated picture book.

The aim of this journal is to show up ways in which the practice, or rather practices, of proceduralism can be integrated into the work of digital artists.

Apart from the obvious ways, in which proceduralism can be employed, e.g. as time-saver, it is my intention to demonstrate how proceduralism can actually add to our understanding of digital content creation. To this end, I study the areas of content creation, applications, and digital culture.

In all these examples, I attempt to point to ways in which the practice of scripting can not only make us understand the things we already see, but also enable us to see things that have escaped our attention so far.

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Thanks procon – for the Delia sample.




procedural plagiarism

procedural plagiarism

procedural plagiarism

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